Suicide Aftercare Association


The Suicide Aftercare Association is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose purpose is to offer postvention services to families during the critical 24-hour period following a suicide attempt or completion.(SG)

We provide nationwide no-charge-to-the-family suicide scene biological cleaning services to families who have experienced a suicide attempt or completion.

Our focus is nonprofit suicide clean up and related postvention services. The Association believes that by providing these services suicide contagion will be reduced and the suicide rates will decline.

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In the United States:

There are more deaths by suicide than deaths by homicide.

Every 38 seconds someone attempts to die by suicide.

1 person will die by suicide in the next 16 minutes.

3.7 people will die by suicide in the next hour.

90 people will die by suicide today.

2225 people will attempt to die by suicide today.

Every 1.5 seconds mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters begin cleaning up the remains of
a loved one.

Every day in the United States about 1400 attempted or completed suicide scenes require some level of biohazard cleaning. It is estimated that 80% of these bloody scenes are cleaned up by family members, which means that 1120 families are performing this gruesome task.

How can we stand by and do nothing to alleviate the burden these families carry? We as a society cannot allow this to continue to happen.

The Suicide Aftercare Association has two major goals:

1. To make sure no family in the United States ever has to clean up the biological remains of
a suicide attempt or completion.

2. To study the long-term effects of our work. Our belief is that the suicide rate in this country will decline when family members are no longer subjected to the psychological damage caused by cleaning up the biological remains of a suicide attempt or completion.

How are we able to do this?

We partner with kind-hearted volunteers, professional crisis workers, corporate sponsors,
law enforcement, and various risk management companies. Through the generous donations of others we are able to provide our services at any time to grieving families.

Want to help your local community even more?

If you or your group are interested in receiving training and certification in what is called "crime scene cleanup" so you can help your community and properly cleanup suicide scenes and receive payment for it (from homeowners' insurance) which you can then use to support your local group check out the training here.

Why do we do this?

We believe that when all is said and done the only thing that matters is how we
helped others - plain and simple.

How do I become a volunteer; how do I help?

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